KCD Romania


The Kubernetes Community Days in Romania are organized by a dedicated committee who are passionate about bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. Our goal is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals from all levels and backgrounds that is dedicated to learning, growth, and diversity.


  • Wouter Ligtenberg

    Wouter Ligtenberg

    Senior Engineering Manager at INGLinkedIn
  • Vlad Fratila

    Vlad Fratila

    Platform Engineer at UpsiderLinkedIn
  • Romina Druta

    Romina Druta

    Senior Infrastructure Engineer at VismaLinkedIn
  • Victor Varza

    Victor Varza

    TechLead at AdobeLinkedIn
  • Elif Samedin

    Elif Samedin

    DevOps ConsultantLinkedIn
  • Catalin Jora

    Catalin Jora

    Cloud Consultant at FikaWorksLinkedIn
  • Ion Meitoiu

    Ion Meitoiu

    Devops Engineer at AdobeLinkedIn
  • Andrei Pietricica

    Andrei Pietricica

    DevOps Engineer at INGLinkedIn
  • Bogdan Lucaciu

    Bogdan Lucaciu

    CTO at Adore MeLinkedIn
  • Ionut Bradatan

    Ionut Bradatan

    Senior UX Designer at VismaLinkedIn


  • Alina Bratu

    Alina Bratu

    Export Sales Advisor at MichelinLinkedIn
  • Bogdan Popa

    Bogdan Popa

    Software Engineer at AdobeLinkedIn
  • Claudia Licu

    Claudia Licu

    Dev Chapter Lead at ING Hubs RomaniaLinkedIn
  • Catalin Costras

    Catalin Costras

    Senior DevOps Engineer at London Stock Exchange GroupLinkedIn
  • Maria Secareau

    Maria Secareau

    Senior Program Manager at AdobeLinkedIn
  • Mihai Prunareanu

    Mihai Prunareanu

    IT Service Management Engineer at ING Hubs RomaniaLinkedIn
  • Buddhika Kandamulla

    Buddhika Kandamulla

    DevOps EngineerLinkedIn
  • Liviu Costea

    Liviu Costea

    Staff Reliability Engineer at JuniLinkedIn
  • Daniel Drack

    Daniel Drack

    Senior DevOps Engineer at FullStackSLinkedIn
  • Jacopo Nardiello

    Jacopo Nardiello

    Founder & CEO at SIGHUPLinkedIn
  • Michel Murabito

    Michel Murabito

    Developer Advocate at Mia-PlatformLinkedIn
  • Orlin Vasilev

    Orlin Vasilev

    Senior Technology Evangelist at SUSELinkedIn
  • Arthur Berezin

    Arthur Berezin

    CEO, Co-Founder at StageCentralLinkedIn
  • William Rizzo

    William Rizzo

    Lead Architect Consultant at SUSELinkedIn